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Rafidain Bank Discussion

  • Q: Are the monetary reforms making progress and do you offer visa or master cards? If so what rate does the dinar compare to the us dollar? Thank You. Randy USA

    Reply Randy from Lewistown, United States
  • Q: can you confirm the loan for iraqi citizens recently announced... please provide me with more information on any loan that al rafidain might give. thank you.

    Reply Ahmed from Iraq
  • Q: I have been following the progress of your country for many years and see the great milestones being made. I have a question to whom of it may concern in the CBI, do you feel that with the new monetary reforms coming and the support from the IMF the value of the Dinar will increase in value? I'm sure its a question many have asked and I do not know if you can answer the question directly so just your thoughts would be appreciated My second question is about opening an account. Would that be done in United States dollars or Iraqi Dinar Thank you Greg USA

    Reply greg from Ashburn, United States

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